High Guy Meme Special Gallery {12}

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High Guy Meme Gallery April 20, 2014

high guy meme 4Click that “Read More” Button to see the rest (if you’re in the home page!)

Gotta Leave Friends Like This Behind And Plow Through

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college 4/20 #420 april 20Don’t let friends like this stop you from plowing through this #4/20 ! enjoy every minute! college 4/20

That Afternoon Sun

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high-guy2college student high funny

It’s that day! #4/20

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high guy meme #4/20

It’s that glorious day of the year! that 4:20, #4/20, 420 time…. ALL DAY. How many of you out there know someone like this right now?

Here at College Debauchery we’re big fans of all college traditions, and today both a national day and pretty significant day for a lot of people (as well as college students), we’ll be posting a few of the best memes out there by this man right here! #4/20 #4/20 #4/20 #4/20 #4/20 #4/20

Let the Pregaming Begin

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funny drinking ecardfunny drinking ecard